From the award-winning author of
In Praise of Veg

‘The first step towards becoming a better cook is learning to be kinder to yourself, to roll with your mistakes, to chase not perfection, but improvement. Alice’s approach is not just informative and joy-inducing, it’s empowering: you will be inspired to head into the kitchen armed with not just recipes, but the will to make each dish your own. By the time you sit down for dinner, happy and relaxed, you’ll already be thinking ahead to your next meal, and what you’ll learn next.’

Let Alice Zaslavsky, international bestselling author of the James Beard Book Awards nominee, In Praise of Veg, lead you on a journey to confident, intuitive cooking — because if you already enjoy the eating part, you have everything it takes to get better at the cooking part too. This vibrant kitchen manual contains stacks of vegetable-forward recipes that you’ll want to cook on a weekly basis and handy kitchen skills and thrills, to help build the foundations for a lifetime of better cooking. With Better Cooking there’s no pressure to be a perfect cook, but everyone can aspire to be a better cook, and therein lies the fun.

To help all cooks — from beginner to experienced — become better cooks, every recipe, tip and trick acts as another stepping stone to finding joy and confidence in the kitchen. Inside, you’ll find chapters including:


  • Slapdash: really outstanding stuff simply thrown together
  • On Autopilot: your new go-tos for quick and easy weeknight meals
  • Making the Most of It: what to do with all those leftovers
  • Loosen Your Shoulders: weekend projects and entertaining
  • Seriously Good Sweeties: like, seriously good

Whether you’re already a dab hand, you’re a reluctant home cook who finds cooking a bit meh, or you’re starting from ‘which way do I hold a knife?’, Better Cooking has all the inspiration, hand-holding and cheerleading you need to relax into the rhythm and truly enjoy your time in the kitchen.